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WellnessGenius and Hygeia- Partnering for Better

WellnessGenius and Hygeia- Partnering for Better

Here’s what you should know.

When we started Flexicare in 2019, it was with the objective to make health care available and affordable to everyday Nigerians. We wanted to do our bit in reducing needless deaths caused by lack of funds for medical emergencies by improving access to quality health care.

We’ve successfully contributed our quota in the last 2 years but there’s still more to do.

Our partnership with Hygeia will grant our users access to more hospitals and health care facilities than previously possible, with almost double the number of hospitals in every area for routine checkups and emergencies. Flexicare users will also be able to unlock more benefits for healthcare needs and concerns.

This partnership promises an improved telemedicine experience, a vast network of health care facilities and medical professionals, ultra swift resolutions and our unwavering commitment to you.

What does this mean

Access to more Hospitals
Instead of 500+ hospitals, you can now access over 1000 hospitals across Nigeria! This means that with one single registration you can access any of the listed hospitals nationwide. Your loved ones both far and near are not left out as they now have more options in health centers to pick from.

Service Upgrade
Flexicare users can easily make their purchases and renewals for their friends and loved ones at their own pace and convenience. We have upgraded tech servers to reduce downtime and waiting time. We’ve made healthcare services even more accessible.

What is changing
Our previous partnership with Reliance. We will no longer be in partnership with Reliance HMO.

Your records and acquired benefits remain, but you get a new HMO-ID, kindly login into your dashboard to get your new Hmo ID. You can always go to the hospital and present your e-HMO ID from Flexicare stating Hygeia as your healthcare provider.

Updated Hospital List
Due to popular demand, we’ve added 600 more hospitals and extracted some hospitals from our hospital list. Please see the updated hospital list here.

If you can no longer find your hospital on the list, kindly reach out to us to assist you in finding a replacement.

What isn’t Changing

Acquired Benefits
Your acquired benefits will not be interrupted, whatever number of months you have on the Flexicare plan will roll over to the next month.

Our commitment to swift resolutions
We stay committed to you in ensuring that whatever issues you encounter during hospital visits, or accessing our plans will be swiftly addressed.

Your Privacy and Security
The privacy and security of your data stay protected and will not be made available to any third party.

For more information, please review our Terms and Privacy Policy. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions here.

For inquiries and clarifications, please reach out via any of these platforms
Call: 08099988005, Email: [email protected]

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