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Choose Flexicare health Insurance by MyCoverGenius

Choose Flexicare health Insurance by MyCoverGenius

FlexiCare plan by MyCoverGenius gives valuable insurance protection for Nigerians
Flexicare plan by MyCoverGenius

Flexicare is a health insurance product by MyCoverGenius that gives you access to quality healthcare in Nigeria, wherever and whenever you need it. This Flexicare Health Plan gives you access to over 1200 hospitals Nationwide and covers up to 1 million Naira in medical bills annually.

What are the benefits of the Flexicare HMO plan?

The benefits of the MyCoverGenius Flexicare HMO plan is enormous.

  • You don’t have to pay for Card
  • You don’t have to pay from pocket for your checkup and medical consultations.
  • Emergency medical bills are covered by the plan
  • You can access primary and secondary healthcare
  • You can access tests, treatment and medication
  • Minor and major surgeries are covered
  • You can take advantage of our telemedicine service and speak with a Doctor toll free.
  • It Covers Antenatal, Delivery, CS, dental and eye procedures.

See the full list of Flexicare HMO benefits here

The MyCoverGenius Flexicare plan provides a wide list of hospitals to choose from
MyCoverGenius gives you a list of top quality hospitals to choose from with its Flexicare

How Does Flexicare Health Insurance Plan work?

After Registration, you’re able to visit any of the hospitals on our network, present your E-ID and get access to quality healthcare.

How to Register for Flexicare Plan

It’s simple!
You can either register using the website or via the self-service option on Whatsapp.

Flexicare registration via the website

When registering as a new user for the flexicare health insurance plan, you can sign up by choosing either a plan for an Individual, Family, or Business. After selecting your plan, select your preferred duration. On the flexicare health insurance plan, you can choose monthly payment, annual payment, or anything in between.

After selecting this, proceed to payment, complete your registration and receive your HMO-ID

Upon successful registration, your plan becomes active after 24 hours, and you can begin to access quality health care from any of our listed hospitals.

Registering with Flexicare Whatsapp Bot

The Whatsapp Bot is the health assistant that enables you to purchase and renew your health insurance plan, speak with a Doctor and get some more information on the healthcare plan. You can buy your flexicare health insurance plan by clicking here.

MycoverGenius Flexicare health insurance Plan and Others vs Others

Flexicare By MyCoverGeniusOthers
Covers up to 1 million Naira in medical BillsCovers up to 75,000 in medical bills
1 Registration gives you access to over 1000 hospitals on our network.Gives you access to only 1 hospital
Antenatal, delivery and CS coveredDoes not cover Antenatal, Delivery or CS
Excellent Customer ServiceHonestly, we cannot vouch for them
Speak with a Doctor toll-free and get your medication from a pharmacy near you for freeN/A
You can purchase or renew your plan on WhatsAppN/A
Access to a community for healthy living and LifestyleN/A
Flexible Payments availableN/A
Comparison of Flexicare health Insurance plan and others

So, if you ever get confused on which health insurance or HMO plan to buy for yourself, your family or your business, go with the best, choose Flexicare by MyCoverGenius that gives you more. Sign up here.

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